Mashable Loses Valuable Readers and Credibility in Under 60 Seconds


When I read the headline ‘hilarity ensues’ I thought some humor this morning would be nice so I clicked the link in a post from Mashable.  I’ve trusted Mashable for Technology related and breaking news from around the Web for quite some time so it came as a surprise that something like this would have passed through the quality control group before hitting my news feed.

If you haven’t yet watched the video ‘Teen Comes Out to His Mom, See What Happens‘, don’t.  It’s not even funny.  The comments, however are where the gold lies.  *NOTE* The original link now goes to a 404 error, but I found it again anyway… see the comment thread here

Why Mashable when you have so many valuable readers, would you allow  to jeopardize your credibility?  Here are some of the highlights in the comments:















What can we all learn from this Epic Fail?  Ensure your posts are composed of quality content before blasting them to the web!

Can I have my 46 seconds back Mashable?  If the waste of time wasn’t enough, I’ll now be skeptical of your articles, thanks….




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