You are NOT alone!!


My most recent position brought me to a brand new lease up student housing property.  I love the company, the property and my coworkers, but after almost a year of daily occupancy updates, unexpected cancellations and a myriad of new construction complications, I’ll admit, I was fading fast.  If it wasn’t for the great people I’ve met throughout this journey, I would have hit a wall and shut down.  Have you been there?  I’m sure you have at one point or another.  Brace yourself…You are NOT alone!!  The sooner you realize that, the better off you’ll be the next time you start fading away.

I recently had the pleasure of experiencing my first conference.  Brainstorming was the most amazing experience of my career.  It reaffirmed the reasons why I love the multifamily industry and brought back the passion I had at day one.  If you have yet to go, plant the seed now.  It is something you truly CANNOT miss!

No matter where I went and who I ran into, I felt adopted.  Groups of people, who, from a distance, seemed impenetrable, welcomed me to join them.  Each was a bit different, though they all had one thing in common…they made me feel welcome…they made me realize that even though I came alone, I was not alone!  Did I need the conference to learn this?  Not really, but it helped…A LOT!

On day 1, Tami asked all facilitators to stand up.  Once on their feet, she asked them to sit down ONLY if they had NOT met a lifelong friend at a previous brainstorming conference.  No one sat down.  Was I skeptical?  Absolutely.  Did I think that was part of a script?  Absolutely.  Was I wrong?  ABSOLUTELY!  I met several long-time friends on my FIRST day.  Of course, making friends was not the focus of the conference, but it was just one of many benefits of attending.

No longer was I fading away.  I was contributing ideas…I was out of my element…all fear disappeared…I was BRAINSTORMING!

Round tables and corporate conferences scare me.  They make me uncomfortable.  I try to blend in and nod when someone says something profound.  I think it’s the reality of the situation.  Everyone can see me, hear me…judge me.  I’m not protected by the vast space of the internet or the emotionless tone of an e-mail.  So why was brainstorming so different?  Was it the costumes?  Was it the atmosphere?  To be honest, I’ll never really have a definitive reason to share with you.  It’s something you need to discover on your own, but I will tell you again and again, don’t fade away, ask to go today.

** Thank you for the opportunity to be a part of the most amazing conference in multifamily.  I hope to go again next year…and the year after that and every year after that 🙂 **

Passion is the quickest to develop, and the quickest to fade. Intimacy develops more slowly, and commitment more gradually still. – Robert Sternberg



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  1. Could not echo this post any better. You have encompassed all the emotions that come with a first time Brainstormer. My excitement and energy for this event just grows bigger than my heart can contain. I am so glad you loved it and enjoyed it! Hope to see you in Vegas for the next one!

  2. Angela, we’re just blown away by your post! Thank you so much! This is exactly the reaction that we work so hard for each year that we plan a new Brainstorming event. It’s hugely gratifying each time we hear that we hit that mark, but it’s a special treat to see it shared so openly and expressed as eloquenly as this. We’re already hard at work on Brainstorming 2012; and while no Brainstorming experience will ever be the same as your first, we’re sure your second will be even BETTER!!! – All the best from Tami, Barbie, Mo, Jo, & Jenn (Team Multifamilypro)

  3. Great post Angela! I remember my very first Brainstorming~~15 years ago!! And it has only gotten better over time. I missed going this year! As a facilitator is is so much fun to see first-timers and their reactions. So much is packed in to such a short time. And yes, you leave after making LIFE LONG FRIENDS!! I am so glad that you loved it! See you next year!!

  4. Great post Angela!! I am so glad we got to meet! I just wish we had more time to interact at the tables together… I just know you are full of amazing ideas. I am hoping to make it next year – but with my wedding the month before it might make it difficult. I am glad I was there this year and I am glad I got to know you 🙂 Thank you for everything! You rock!

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