4 Ways to Add Excitement to Your Marketing!


How do you view marketing?  Do you get excited about your creations?  Do you even attempt to create anything?  It’s the most amazing feeling ever!  Looking back on your work and saying ‘I did that!’  Think it’s too hard?  It’s NOT.

Social media makes it easier and easier every day to express yourself in your marketing.  Even if you don’t have the approval to implement anything immediately, consider just doing it anyway.  I don’t mean hijacking your company website or even their facebook.  Design a ‘test’ page and ‘test’ new ideas!  Apps and rules are ever changing, so staying current is key, but here’s some starting points for you.

Custom HTML:  For anyone who isn’t really computer savvy, this may seem like an impossible task.  It’s really not.  YouTube tutorials for beginners are a huge help.  Once you get the basics down, you can launch just about anything.  With some basic HTML and FREE apps I did this:

Flash banners, buttons and text:  Take it up a notch!  Look for free sites that allow you to create fun flash text, functional buttons and maybe even flaming banners.  Here’s an example I created from a free site (the finished product is interactive and moves) –

IWIPA: THE most AMAZING thing since sliced bread!!  Don’t have a budget for web hosting?  Create a website INSIDE your Facebook page…FREE!  I haven’t tried the paid version, but the FREE version is just peachy.  Check out this or this as examples.  You can block items from people who don’t like your page, make more tabs than you know what to do with and utilize the basic HTML you just learned by watching how to YouTube videos.  You will not be disappointed I PROMISE!

Attention Grabbing Pictures:  How’d they do that?  Well, I’ll give you a hint.  It has a lot to do with Word, Paint and this wonderful little thing called ‘snipping tool’.  Want more info?  Let me know, I’d be happy to help!  Didn’t know Word could do such things?  Check out The Training Factor’s Word course.  It ROCKS!  (Note:  The following picture was created using the newest version of Word.  The above mentioned course is for an earlier version of Word.)

 <~ He’s never seen a palm tree…EVER.

The more excited you are, the more exciting your marketing will be!  GET ENTHUSED!


“Enthusiasm is excitement with inspiration, motivation, and a pinch of creativity.”  – Bo Bennett


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  1. Angela what a great post!!! You are so right. It’s about the energy, excitement, creativity and execution that makes our marketing efforts so unique. They may not apply to all or others may not see the value behind the idea, but the reality is if you believe in it, are proud of your creation you will make it work for you! Excellent ideas and WOW love your new landing page you created for Facebook. Very original & informational. Are there any analytics to track the results of activity for this page? I would be curious to see if your current fans are interacting on it?

    • Thank you Kim!! So far, the only analytics we’ve seen are those provided by Facebook. Those are very limited unfortunately. Our promotions tab has drawn some new likes since you have to like us to see it 🙂 We are currently using the free version of that app, but the paid version may have analytics available. I’ll look into it!

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