3 Reasons To Master All of Your Claims to Fame and Stop Jacking Around


I find it difficult to watch people fail at something they are supposed to be an ‘expert’ in.  If something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right.  You CAN do ANYTHING.  Shoot for perfection EVERY time!

Do you claim to be proficient in something, but you really just know enough to fake it?

Stop doing that!

Look at your resume.  Are you pretending to be someone you’re not?  How many things do you claim to be proficient in, but just know the basics?  I’d be willing to bet at least one.

So why shouldn’t you exaggerate even a little?  I’ll give you 3 reasons.

Prove it:  The phone interview went great, you met with the corporate office and finally you have to take a skills test based on the claims to fame you included on your resume.  What do you think the test scores are going to reveal?  Do you see the offer letter slipping away?  Be true to yourself and the company you are trying to become a part of.

I need this at 9am:  So you faked it well enough to pass the skills test and fool your new boss.  Now comes the real test.  A huge project is due at 9am.  Your boss comes to you at end of business and says ‘I heard you know ______ really well.  I need you to finish this project so I can present it in the morning.  Thanks Jones, you’re a real life saver!’  Fortunately, you’ve got all night to figure out what you’re doing.  Google and YouTube how to videos here you come!  Oops you didn’t hear the alarm?  You probably shouldn’t have stayed up so late trying to learn that program you know so well.  Good thing you have e-mail!

Can you help me?:    Ok so you’ve managed to fake it well enough to pass the skill test and were smart enough to e-mail the project on time.  You’ve learned a lot pulling that all-nighter, but are you prepared to show someone else how to do it?  This just isn’t your week is it?  Lucky for you, the meeting was postponed, but now your boss wants you to present it!  Can you take the heat?

Maybe you can, but are you willing to risk it all and potentially look like a fool?  People talk you know.  Imagine the Facebook and Twitter posts during and after your public epic fail.  Are you revamping your resume yet?

Wait, don’t do that…

Instead of revising or removing some of your skills, take some time and actually master them.  You CAN do it!  Find training online, pick up a ____ for dummies book.  Test yourself!  Make sure anything you say you can do, you can teach someone else to do.


Moderation is a fatal thing. Nothing succeeds like excess.” – Oscar Wilde


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