The Reason Why Your ?’s Aren’t Getting Answers


I don’t like to talk at people, I like to talk to them…In my head you’re answering the questions as you’re reading.  How do you engage your audience?  Do you ramble on about your fitness centers and spacious floor plans?  Descriptive wording can capture the reader, but to keep them reading you have to make them think!  Creating Home, I dedicate this to you and your inspiring posts 🙂

They say you should end all e-mails with a question because it will entice a response.  That’s absolutely true, but are you really taking advantage of the ? and it’s uncanny ability to engage your reader?

Consider this – A prospect sends an e-mail with a blank comment box obviously using the contact button on your website or an ILS system.  Since they were just on the website, they know many of the amenities and features your community offers.  They receive the following response:

Dear Sam,

Thank you for contacting ABC community!  Our apartments are filling fast!  Your rent includes:

  •  All inclusive utilities
  •  Wired/Wi-Fi internet
  •  Cable with HBO
  •  Leather living room furniture
  •  Coffee table, end table and blah blah blah
  •  blah
  •  blah


  •  blah
  •  blah
  •  blah
  •  blah

Would you like to come in for a tour?

I already know all of this!  The ? wasn’t effective because I lost interest at bullet point #5, stopped reading and more than likely deleted your message.  Don’t feature dump.  Let your website do the selling so you can focus on the closing!  Take a different approach.

Thank you for your interest in the ABC community Sam.  We would love to have you here!  Is there anything that you are unhappy with at your current place?  We’ve done some things differently than other communities in the area and I would love to show you around.  Are you available for a tour today?

Hi Sam!  I see that you just visited our website.  Were you able to check out the virtual tour?  Some of our residents helped us make it!  Would you like to stop in and see what else we have to offer?  I’d love to show you around!

Imagine your e-mail is an actual conversation.  Talk to your reader not at them… If you wouldn’t say it face to face, don’t send it!


Boredom, after all, is a form of criticism. – Wendell Phillips


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